Monday, 31 October 2011


If you're thinking of watching a scary movie tonight, seeing as it is Halloween, why don't you watch 'Frozen'. It's a skier and snowboarder's worst nightmare about 3 teenagers who get stuck on a chair lift. Haha, it's a shockingly crap movie as far as scary movies go and pretty predictable, but there are lots of parts which will make your toes curl...enjoy! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Always Dream Big

When I first decided to put skiing behind me and take up snowboarding it didn't go well. I had my first few lessons on a dry ski slope in the middle of Wales in a group of 15 and was pretty much ignored, then I decided to go to France and try it out there. It was only a 10 day holiday anyway, and I spent the first few days on the baby slope over thinking how to turn because on the proper runs I could only pendulum down them and felt like I was holding my friend up. This resulted in (and I'm not exaggerating) a bum that was black and purple from falling over so much. I was fuming from frustration and decided it was best for me to just ski for the rest of the holiday - I felt like I had failed. 

Even though those first few experiences of starting out boarding weren't that great, I got back on the horse so to speak, and decided to get a proper lesson after all seemed to flourish from there, and now I'm confident for the season ahead. 

I know from experience that taking up a hobby and sticking at it is the hardest thing to do. I've tried endless things from playing the clarinet (got to grade 3 then quit to my dad's disappointment) to ballet and tap. But I do really regret giving everything up that I was good at and not succeeding further with it, so I guess with snowboarding I want to stick at it and dream big. I have so many people that inspire me, and it would feel like a great sense of achievement if one day I could be someone's inspiration. 

Me skiing in Les Carroz

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Oh my goodness, came across this on youtube today and had to mention her. This little girl is 5 years old and is jaw droppingly incredible at snowboarding! She started when she was 4 and already has a sponsor (Eternal). What an amazing role model to young girls out there, even I'm inspired by her! She's going to go far...check out all her gear as well, cute little DC pants and her tiny Burton Board...what a ledge! 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Went to Milton Keynes snow dome again yesterday. I'm feeling really comfortable on my board now, so thought I'd try some little ollie's - to my amazement I landed some, although I did manage to take someone out on one of my attempts! Oopsy! I also tried spinning 360 whilst slowly moving which went surprisingly well, and buttering (putting all my weight on my back foot and lifting the front foot whilst moving)...was a really successful day all in all, especially as I tried all of this and came back in one piece! Managed to devour a whole chicken at Nando's afterwards too! 


Friday, 14 October 2011

Cross Country Snowboarding

How mental is this....don't really know if this is a joke or not?! 

Dude at 2.11 has literally made my day! haha...check it out...

New favourite word - Skootch!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011 la la

The world would be a very dull place without music, and I spend a lot of time listening to it, so I was just thinking about what songs I'd listen to when I'm out snowboarding in Whistler. I'm a rock, drum & bass and dubstep girl so here's a few that would be in my playlist: 

  • I Can't Make Your Decisions For You - We Came As Romans (from album: 'Understanding What We've Grown To Be' - worth a listen!)
  • Biscuits - Unicorn Kid (from album: 'Sugarfest!' - this is electronic/chip music, some would think it's slightly nuts, nah, it's right up my street and good for being hyper to!)
  • First Of The Year - Skrillex (from album: 'More Monsters and Sprites' - didn't really rate this artist until I heard some of his tunes turned up on a sick sub...literally gave me goosebumps all over, it's pretty heavy dub but they are headbangers, this one is my favourite.)
  • Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit (from album: 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water' - old school, but you gotta love it!
  • Kids (Dagga Remix) - MGMT (this dub remix is awesome, I first heard it in a snowboarding movie, so it's quite fitting.)
  • Cinema - Benny Benassi (I think this tune is mint and means a lot to me as it always puts a massive smile on my face, Skrillex remix of it is ace too.)
  • As The Sun Goes Down - InContext (this dubstep mix is sweet)
  • Levels - Avicii (had to mention this tune because it's one of my favourites!) 

...want to mention so many more, but I would be here forever if I did. Happy listening!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Girl Power!

I wasn't aware about this until today, but there is a movie called "DropStitch" featuring ONLY girl riders, some of the best! It took 12 months to film in different locations all over the world. They made their first self-financed film in 2003, but now the cutting edge girls only shredding returns. I think it's awesome, eliminating gender discrimination...because you know what, I think girls are just as good at pulling off sick tricks and enjoying the pow as any guy! 

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Another of my favourite rider's is Shaun White. He's a two-time Olympic gold medalist and is ridiculously sick at half pipe...check out this video.

...I find it incredible how riders pluck up the courage to try something like a half pipe. It looks terrifying, pretty solid and if you had to bail...ouch! I guess with every fall it makes them stronger which pushes them further. 

'Sans Peur' - without fear.  

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Goofy or Regular?

As everyone knows a 'regular' stance is with the rider's left foot at the front of the snowboard, 'goofy' is the opposite stance position where the right foot is at the front, like in skateboarding. 

I'm goofy and proud. Apparently it's the 'less cool' looking. Errr who gives a s**t! Okay so regular is the most common stance...but meh, most good snowboarders can ride switch anyway which means they can ride both ways. 

I like being Goofy!