Friday, 28 October 2011

Always Dream Big

When I first decided to put skiing behind me and take up snowboarding it didn't go well. I had my first few lessons on a dry ski slope in the middle of Wales in a group of 15 and was pretty much ignored, then I decided to go to France and try it out there. It was only a 10 day holiday anyway, and I spent the first few days on the baby slope over thinking how to turn because on the proper runs I could only pendulum down them and felt like I was holding my friend up. This resulted in (and I'm not exaggerating) a bum that was black and purple from falling over so much. I was fuming from frustration and decided it was best for me to just ski for the rest of the holiday - I felt like I had failed. 

Even though those first few experiences of starting out boarding weren't that great, I got back on the horse so to speak, and decided to get a proper lesson after all seemed to flourish from there, and now I'm confident for the season ahead. 

I know from experience that taking up a hobby and sticking at it is the hardest thing to do. I've tried endless things from playing the clarinet (got to grade 3 then quit to my dad's disappointment) to ballet and tap. But I do really regret giving everything up that I was good at and not succeeding further with it, so I guess with snowboarding I want to stick at it and dream big. I have so many people that inspire me, and it would feel like a great sense of achievement if one day I could be someone's inspiration. 

Me skiing in Les Carroz

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