Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chopping and Changing

My plans are literally all over the place at the moment. Canada visa dates still haven't been released and who knows when they will come out...I have a bad feeling it won't be for a while yet as they have been changing the whole system recently - meaning bad news for me and my 'plan' to go out there for the end of January. I'm starting to think now that a more realistic option for me would be to go to a European resort - I hope my friend is wrong when she told me that there is going to be a crisis in the alps because of the lack of snow that's expected...errr that's certainly not what Whistler is experiencing, apparently 3rd snowiest November on record for them! So we'll have to see what happens but I know I'll be excited whatever, just can't wait to be living in the mountains for a few months being able to board whenever I want... :D . Bought myself a snowboard wheelie bag today, almost have everything I need! 

Friday, 25 November 2011


So...I've heard Whistler is having some absolutely sick snow fall lately...well jel! But...I'm so happy because thanks to a friend who has some vouchers left I get to go snowboarding at MK again on tuesday! Woop! Feel so comfortable on my board now and as it's only been in snow domes I've ridden on it, cannot WAIT to shred up some proper runs come end of January. Hellloooo Whistlerrrr...although will be really sad to leave :( 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Been listening to a fair few songs from the Art of Flight recently, not only a sick movie but has a great soundtrack to it too. My favourites:

  • Young Blood - The Naked And Famous
  • No Way - The Naked And Famous
  • Intro - M83
  • The Three Corners of The Earth - The Fire Shall Devour Us

I really want to find out what kind of music people listen to when they're on the mountains shredding it up...would be interested to know :) thinking about creating some play lists...

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Ahhhh deary, massively getting snowboarding withdrawal! Especially after seeing all the pictures on facebook of beautiful snow which is rapidly covering Whistler, season begins on the 24th! Still no word on dates of when the IEC visas are going to be released. Until then I get to stare some more at my board which is propped up in the corner of my room and hope some snow will fall here during December...hmm, will that be likely?! 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Remember Them

I know this has nothing to do with snowboarding, but I just wanted to write a little piece on Remembrance Day, as it's important for us to think about all the troops who lost their lives fighting for our country in 1918. I think it's incredible that we had, and still have, such heroic people out there who are willing to put their lives at risk to save what they love most.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Apres-Ski Fashion

D&G 2010 
'Apres-ski' the swanky way of saying 'after skiing' makes it seem like after a long day on the piste you go back to your chalet and prepare yourself for the night ahead. Now in a girls world this would include: taking a long hot shower and scrubbing from head to foot, straightening or curling your hair with immense precision, then the long haul procedure of immaculately applying make-up before picking out something sophisticated to wear for the evening. The image of sophisticated evening wear for a mountain resort I am imagining right now is this.....>>>
But how unrealistic this is. Maybe there are some people who make a real effort and look like this, maybe in Gstaad, but the apres-ski 'fashion' I know is the board/ski pants you've worn that day or jeans, with high tops or moon boots and a T-shirt or hoodie with a flat peak or beanie hat. So pretty casual compared to the above!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mountain Fashion

Alpe D'Huez - 2001
Another thing I love about being in a mountain resort is observing all the different people and the gear/clothes they wear whilst on the piste and apres-ski. 
I can still remember the first time I ever went skiing, I was 11, and sported my mum's 25 year old vintage orange all-in-one ski suit which incidentally had a massive 'A' (for Anne) stitched onto the right bum cheek, probably from where she'd fallen over so much! 
When I had grown out of that I followed the more modern trend and bought something a bit 'cooler' seeing as I was at that awkward teenage phase, so I moved onto red pants with a purple and white jacket. 
Cardrona (NZ) - 2004
Les Carroz - 2011
I find it interesting to compare the importance of labels when you're older and more fashion conscious, as it was something I seemed oblivious too when I was younger! Now I own matching black, white and grey pants and jacket by Nikita. Within the snowboarding world especially it's all about the good makes, like Burton, DC, Oakley, Volcom, Westbeach...the list goes on, and I am very aware of the vastness of these brands when I go to a resort and observe what people are wearing. Our world is full of advertising, and I sometimes wonder why? Most people everyday are completely unaware of the fact that they are a walking advertisement from simply buying and wearing a pair of Nike high tops or Levi jeans for example, even high street clothes. It is a vital way in which the word spreads and trends start. 
I remember last year it was all about the fluorescent colours and trying to be as bright as possible on the slopes, I thought that was an awesome look. I wonder what this season will bring, and how many people I'll count who will be wearing those funny hats with what looks like brightly coloured hair protruding out the top!