Monday, 7 November 2011

Apres-Ski Fashion

D&G 2010 
'Apres-ski' the swanky way of saying 'after skiing' makes it seem like after a long day on the piste you go back to your chalet and prepare yourself for the night ahead. Now in a girls world this would include: taking a long hot shower and scrubbing from head to foot, straightening or curling your hair with immense precision, then the long haul procedure of immaculately applying make-up before picking out something sophisticated to wear for the evening. The image of sophisticated evening wear for a mountain resort I am imagining right now is this.....>>>
But how unrealistic this is. Maybe there are some people who make a real effort and look like this, maybe in Gstaad, but the apres-ski 'fashion' I know is the board/ski pants you've worn that day or jeans, with high tops or moon boots and a T-shirt or hoodie with a flat peak or beanie hat. So pretty casual compared to the above!

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