Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chopping and Changing

My plans are literally all over the place at the moment. Canada visa dates still haven't been released and who knows when they will come out...I have a bad feeling it won't be for a while yet as they have been changing the whole system recently - meaning bad news for me and my 'plan' to go out there for the end of January. I'm starting to think now that a more realistic option for me would be to go to a European resort - I hope my friend is wrong when she told me that there is going to be a crisis in the alps because of the lack of snow that's expected...errr that's certainly not what Whistler is experiencing, apparently 3rd snowiest November on record for them! So we'll have to see what happens but I know I'll be excited whatever, just can't wait to be living in the mountains for a few months being able to board whenever I want... :D . Bought myself a snowboard wheelie bag today, almost have everything I need! 

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