Monday, 12 September 2011


Within the world of snowboarding and skiing it seems there is much debate over which is 'coolest'. To be honest, speaking from a girl who used to ski and now boards, I think both are incredible sports and both are as 'cool' as each other. So now we've got that cleared up...I can talk about how boarders (and equally skiers) make themselves look awesome on the slopes. 

Here's a check list:

  • Baggy pants - girls check out Nikita clothing, I have the Isotope pants in black/grey/white, they are awesome.
  • Matching jacket - Again this is personal preference but I think matching jacket and pants look good, I have the Cyclops jacket .....take a look....>>>
  • Gloves/Socks - Warm hands and feet = happy you. (I know because I'm the girl with bad circulation in those two places!) Make sure you buy thick gloves with an inner glove. It makes all the difference. If you know you suffer from cold hands, Burton do some really great gloves, as well as Dakine. A lot of people would recommend Mittens, depends on your preference. If you want dexterity in your hands and fingers don't get them. Don't forget to wear a pair of decent thick woollen socks, only wear one pair at a time though, common misconception by many thinking that if you wear two or three pairs your feet will be warmer. Wrong. 
  • Beanie/Helmet - Don't listen to anyone when they say wearing a helmet is gay. It's a lot 'cooler' to still have a brain that works if you end up wrapping yourself around a tree or rock! So please, especially for beginners...wear a helmet! Two brands I'd recommend: Bern and Red.
  • Goggles - Lets face it sunglasses are not appropriate eye wear for the mountain, especially when you're pro-ing out all over the place, hehe, sooo decent goggles are essential. I have a pair of Dragon's (only thing is they don't do fully mirrored lens) so if you want a pair like that go for Von Zippers. Another good make are Electric. A word about Oakley, massively overpriced. Also don't forget about the different coloured lenses you can some research before you invest in a pair. My lens is pink ion which is best suited for bright sunny conditions. 
  • Bandana - Not really essential, but definitely something to wear to keep your nose warm, although to be honest, I have one and it kept it warm for about half an hour before all the condensation from me breathing made it soaking, ha, so yeah. Although saying that I've heard this Oakley Europe bandana is pretty good and keeps quite dry. To be honest, bandanas are always good to wear around your neck anyway to keep it warm. Plus...they always look cool when you're geared up and have your goggles on! 
Oakley Europe Bandana
in Blue

Everyone knows what an expensive sport snowboarding and skiing is, so don't expect outerwear and accessories to come cheaply, although the wonders of the internet and discounts! If there is something you find you like in a shop, make sure you jot down the full name of whatever it is and check on the net first before buying it...odds are you can find it cheaper on there.  

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