Thursday, 8 September 2011

Edge to Edge

So I had my snowboarding lesson yesterday at Tamworth snowdome. Not only did I get an extra hour for free because the instructor I was meant to have called in sick...but I was in a group of only four and the instructor, Andy T, happened to be a complete legend - declaring me recreational standard by the end! :) 
Can't wait to try out my
Ollie Pop board now!

I always found 'turning' really hard. My failures previously were due to me trying to swing my whole body round to turn the board - fatal error! Andy told me to stop thinking about it as 'turning' the board and think about it in terms of just changing your edges. That way helped me a lot, and when I was managing to do it successfully, it really occurred to me how important but fairly effortless just looking in the direction you want to go is, as well as keeping your arms glued to your side, (to stop you corkscrewing around as you'll unbalance yourself if you move your arms around a lot = falling on your arse) and the slight movements in your toes and heels enabling you to switch edges. I think everyone should call turning a snowboard, edging!

I guess everyone gets taught in a different way, but I most certainly would recommend any beginners to have a lesson there. It's pricey, but every single penny was well spent. Lovely atmosphere, instructor's that actually know what they are talking about and an easy place to get to. Plus, I tried out my new boots and they are spot on, can't really fault them in anyway. Great day! 

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