Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Roxy Love

Tried out my new board the other day at Milton Keynes snow dome. Not sure how long this deal will last for because it was for the summer, but it's only £25 for 4 hours slope time - bargain! Took quite a while to get there, but was definitely worth it. Haha, I was actually quite worried because to get to the top of the slope there is only a button lift (which to remind everyone are those small black disks on long metal poles which you put between your legs and it pulls you along) and I've seen how many fails and bails have happened on them....like the one above...HAHA, what a tool.

Fortunately I didn't fall over on it once or make a tit out of myself - I was very glad especially as right next to the lift all the really good freestyle riders were grinding rails and getting some serious air! So yup that was a success along with how much I am even more in love with my board! 

Compared to the board I had my lesson on at Tamworth, it's rapid!! - a very well waxed surface and the edges are sharp (I have magne-traction on my Ollie Pop board, which is where the edges are wavy like a butter knife, this creates additional contact points and a greater edge hold). I found after a while the snow became quite icy, so my board was kind of perfect for those conditions as it continued to still have ridiculously good grip. It also has BTX Banana Traction (rockered design underfoot for greater nose-to-tail contact) and new C2 Camber (which is basically 2 cambers, one under each foot - camber means the curvature of the base of the snowboard which effects handling and carving) The rocker/camber definitely made it more stable, and overall I think it's a board that won't limit what you want to do on it. Can't wait to get back on it! 

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