Thursday, 29 September 2011

Never Lose Your Confidence

Went to Milton Keynes snow dome again yesterday for a snowboarding afternoon. I felt like I was progressing really well, being able to switch from my edges faster and more consistently - which was ace. However, after I took a break and got back on it for some reason I got into the habit of turning my shoulders which inevitably made me fall over, and consequently I really hurt my coccyx. I lost all my confidence. That's probably the worst thing to have happen, especially when you know you can do it. After a couple more runs of throwing wobbly's I focused more on keeping my shoulders straight and using my head to guide me. I did spend a while over thinking about what I should be doing, but at least I left with a smile on my face when I could do it again! I guess these things happen when you're practicing something new, it's a good learning curve - you learn and get better by the mistakes you make.      

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