Monday, 19 September 2011


So I'm booking my single flight to Vancouver this afternoon, leaving on 8 December. There is so much to sort out though, after that I need to arrange my transfer that will take me over to Whistler, then have to book somewhere to stay. My thoughts on that are a hostel for a week and then hopefully I'll be able to find proper accommodation. I also need to remember to buy travel insurance as well. 

It sucks I'm from England really, I always envy those who have learnt from such a young age due to them living near mountains - it being second nature to them. It's such an expensive sport to love and want to do a lot though, sob, it will be gutting if I come back quite good, and then not be able to go out again for a while. I guess for me it will be a hard hit back into reality when I return. 

I was thinking the other day though how awesome it would be to just work in an amazing mountain resort, but then it occurred to me what would I do in the summer chipped in...could always go to New Zealand when our summer is their winter...ideal! 

Who knows, might become a pro, get sponsored and be able to do it for the rest of my life...hmm in my dreams! 

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