Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Roller Coaster

Organising Whistler is literally turning out to be a roller coaster ride. Gawwwd. Now I'm not going until the end of January! Spoke to a really nice girl yesterday on the phone and she was telling me about how she did it last year, and that visa's for the new year came out on boxing day. I really hope this is the case for 2012 one's because then (well my plan is...) to go out late January when I have my visa and stay out there working until the end of the season. I guess at least I have a good job I enjoy for the time being where I can earn money up until I go. Positive to take out of it, I'll have more money saved to take away with me. 

If you're enjoying watching snowboarding video's, if you haven't already, check out another of Curt Morgan and Travis Rice's films. This one was made in 2008....

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